Author: Saul Rosenthal

No-Phone Zones: It’s Not Just About the Kids

In a recent piece written for the New York Times, Perri Klass, MD lays out ideas for 5 device-free spaces for families. The article does not directly focus on getting our children off of the devices. Rather, parental media use

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What your data don’t know: Evidence-based treatment and providing best care

In the article What your therapist doesn’t know, author and psychologist Tony Rousmaniere argues that therapists should incorporate metrics — data collected from questionnaires and similar measurement instruments — into our practice. In general, I very much agree with him,

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Neurofeedback gets political?

While I tend to keep my political views out of my professional work, I find myself tentatively venturing into the muck of some current politics with my clinician’s hat firmly on. A recent series of articles has examined a connection

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Parental Controls: Tools for Parents or Spies?

One of the issues that almost always comes up when parents find out I specialize in Internet addiction is whether parental controls and monitoring apps work. I’ve come to realize that what many parents are really saying to me is,

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Parenting the Connected Child: Five Tips for Developing Responsible Digital Citizens

It’s an old adage that kids think they are smarter than their parents but that either over time or in any one of countless sit-com scenarios, they realize they are wrong, wrong wrong. Except when it comes to technology. Kids

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I See. I Want. I Grab.

Impulsivity and Internet Addiction A child sees a lollipop in a candy store and grabs it. A driver sees an opening in the next lane and cuts off another driver. A mom sees the latest must-have handbag at the park and

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Ourselves, Our iPhones. Are digital devices an extension of the self?

Recently, the Boston Globe and its affiliated web site ( ran some articles relating to the problems of tech overuse. They got me thinking about how our devices have evolved (some might say morphed) into an extension of ourselves and

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Why I started Digital Media Health

Twelve or thirteen years ago, a 12-year-old boy and his parents came to my office complaining he was so anxious that he was unable to get out of bed and go to school. He also reported he couldn’t face his

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